CF Galeries d’Anjou

Montreal, Québec

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CF Galeries d’Anjou is the dominant fashion destination in the city’s east-end. This one million sq. ft. centre boasts a selection of 175 best in class retailers. Located at the intersection of Highways 40 and 25, it is accessible from all parts of the Greater Montreal Area. CF Galeries D’Anjou outperforms the competition by over $80 per sq. ft., and sales have grown 6% over the last year. This growth can, in part, be attributed to Cadillac Fairview’s recent investment of $86 million in the property. This major expansion and redevelopment project provides the stimulus for the rejuvenation of retail in the eastern sector of the city and will further secure CF Galeries D’Anjou’s position as the shopping destination for East End Montreal and the surrounding region.

General informations
Annual traffic 7,900,000
Number of stores 137
Gross area 1,086,449 sq ft
Time spent per visit 92 minutes
Number of visits per month 3.1
Average household income $76,708
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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7999 Boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou, Suite 167 Montreal,
Québec, Canada, H1M 1W9